Part 2b:

Hey guys! So, I would like to start off by picking up with the ending of my lastpost. I feel as if this section is a big part of the background for the book. “Heshould have tried to keep her in their lives in some way but he didnt know how”(54). When I read this, I feel Cormac McCarthy could be referencing back to hispersonal life; he regrets the divorce he went through. In The Road, it is not clearly mentioned when the mother left, but Ibelieve she left shortly after the boy was born since he was told she died. Whenthe boy wishes he was with his mom, I think it makes “papa” feel as if the boydoes not like him and would rather be dead (55).

Shortlyafter this is said, McCarthy shifts back to a flashback with his wife. She saysthat she “dont care if you cry. It doesnt mean anything to me” (55). The motherhints towards killing herself: “I should have done it a long time ago. Whenthere were three bullets in the gun instead of two…I thought about not eventelling you” (56). I believe the mom was not trying to escape the boy, justwanting to leave the man. My reasoning for this can be backed up when Cormacwrites, “I’d take him with me if it werent for you” (56). However, I feel shefelt bad for leaving the man by himself, so she let him keep the boy.

Somethingthat really hits me hard is when mother says “I’ve taken a new lover” (57). Theman then slaps her with the truth when he tells her that “death is not alover.” I believe she feels bad for finding a new lover so she resorts tokilling herself to make everything better. My jaw dropped when I read that “myheart was ripped out of me the night he was born so dont ask for sorrow now”(57). I thought to myself, if she did not want to have a kid in the firstplace, why did she get pregnant? Then, it clicked; did the man rape her? Did henot want her to leave because he felt he had control over her? However, when Igo back a page and reread it, I second guess my assumption.

McCarthywrites: “Sooner or later they will catch us and they will kill us. They aregoing to rape us and kill us and eat us and you wont face it. You’d rather waitfor it to happen. But I cant.” Who is she worried will find them? I guess I’llhave to keep reading to figure out if McCarthy will tell us more.

            Come back Thursday night to see what comes next in The Road.

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