Part 5b:

            I am finally about two-thirds through the book. I want to get through this book because of how dark and twisted Cormac McCarthy’s writing is.

In the book, a few days have passed from my last post, and the man and the boy are getting tired. However, they do not want to stop due to a gut feeling someone is behind them. “I think there’s someone following us” (192). Due to the amount of food they have, they are worried that “they might try to” kill them (193). When trying to avoid the people following them, the man and the boy decide to hide in the weeds and see how many people there are. There are “three men and a woman…she was pregnant” (195). Could they be some of the bad guys the mother was worried would rape her? Did the men get her pregnant so she would not leave them?

I feel bad for the man and the boy because they are not giving the essentials they need in order to live. Only forty pages after getting a cart load of food, “papa” says that they are “almost out of food” (197). On down the road, they see smoke. They come up on a camp and they “think they’re gone. They probably had a lookout.” With the man pulling out the gun when walking up to the camp, the man believes they ran away because “they left their food cooking” (198). It could have been an abrupt decision to get up and go. However, on down McCarthy tells us they took “everything with them except whatever black thing was skewered over the coals.” If they took everything except what was cooking, then they might have planned to leave camp soon but was going to eat one last meal.

I would like to figure out what drugs McCarthy was on while writing The Road or what kind of hatred he had towards humans. “The boy turned and buried his face against him. What the boy had seen was a charred human infant headless and gutted and blackening in the spit” (198). Like, WHAT THE HECK!?! How could someone be so cruel to an infant of all people? They are so young and innocent that they couldn’t have done any harm to the people. When I first read this, I had to put my book down for a few minutes in order to interpret what I had just read. I cannot imagine what new savage things are to come.

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